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Senior Living


Whether you are considering selling, buying, or leasing, the first step in the decision-making and planning phase is becoming educated on the processes involved.


Unless you buy and sell property on an annual basis, you can’t possibly stay current on the many issues effecting the real estate transaction.


Many of our clients have lived in the same home for decades and as you can imagine, the way people transact real estate has changed drastically over the years. 


Not only do home and land prices fluctuate year after year, neighborhoods and communities evolve, financing requirements change, and negotiable elements of buying and selling undergo regular revisions.

Customized Real Estate Services

Your team of experts are skillfully trained to help you develop a comprehensive plan of action­­––on your terms and in your timeframe. If you choose, we can also manage every detail of your move—with care, courtesy, and excellence—just the way you would do it yourself.


As a client, you receive the physical and emotional support necessary to handle even the most difficult relocation decisions and tasks. Whether you’re looking for a little help getting started, or you want to delegate every detail of your move, we are here for you, ready to tailor our extensive menu of services to suit your specific needs.


Consulting Services

We recognize that not all clients need or intend to buy or sell immediately. 


In fact, most clients prefer connecting with our team early in the decision-making process in order for us to assist them in preparing for a future sale, purchase, or move. 


Unlike most real estate agents who are only looking for a quick sale, the Resource55 team offers a comprehensive consultation service with no obligation:

Moving Management

I don't know how many times you have moved in your life, but I have a lot of experience.  At this stage in your life, moving may be challenging for several reasons.


Over time, we accumulate a lot of things that mean a lot to us. But unfortunately we feel unable to distribute our things the way we would like.


Our experienced team can come in carefully pack, gently distribute items to other family members and of course manage donations as instructed by you.  We promise to treat your house and its contents with respect because we understand, "Home is where the Heart is", and your heart is in these items. 

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