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The Evans Family

"I would characterize my relationship with Helen as complex. I first met Helen in the early 1990's when she was a client advertising in my mother's advertising business. Not only did we work for her for many years, but she quickly became a friend. Since that time I've also been her client, as she has helped me buy three properties and sell two over the years. The most recent being a sold property and a purchase in 2013. While we don't see each other very often, I know that if I needed something business or non-business related, I could count on her. Bottom line is Helen has cared not only in providing great service, but also has shown to care about people. When my mom passed away in 1996, Helen was there asking if she could help in anyway. But that is just the type of person she is.. She'd make a wonderful addition working with Seniors!


Helen is friendly, helpful and compassionate.  Professionally she is knowledgeable, articulate and always respected my time.


I have and will continue to recommend Helen to anyone without reservation. I have found her to give solid advice in real estate, giving both pro's and con's to properties, while giving in-depth research which she breaks down into easy to understand explanations. Everyone I have recommended to her has been well served by her expertise and happy to have been her client."

Lonnetta, Denise & Cherie

 Helen is pleasant, kind, engaging, supportive, always good to be around, understanding, patient and fun. She has a unique ability to bring people together from different backgrounds and beliefs; and she helps to create a shared vision. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book "The Tipping Point" describes two types of people (connectors and mavens).  I think Helen is a little of both qualities and abilities.  She is also a "heart-leader", some say servant leader.  


I've observed these values that are clearly important to Helen:  Service, Follow through, Patience, Adding value to others, Selfless, Visionary, Relational, Caring, Committed, Going beyond the norm, Never average; Always looking for better ways to do things for yourself and for others.  A lifelong learner with a standard of excellence and fairness.  The word Humanity continues to crop up in my mind as I think about Helen.  And Friend.



I would absolutely recommend Helen!  Her concern for me and my family touched my heart.  She paid such close attention to us.  Her thoughtfulness and caring was so genuine, always checking in (not at all intrusive but in a supportive way).  Her empathy and always seeming to have the right words did so much for me.  If my dad were still living he would have loved working with her; and trust me, when we had to make the decision to move him 15 years ago I sure could have used the help of a professional.  


I have come to value relationships, especially those where I feel we meet somewhere at our core (the heart).  And I so value the relationship we have both professional and personal.


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