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You Deserve Unique Value


My unique value is the ability to bring all the resources you need, when you need them.  They are pre-screened businesses and after working and meeting with you  I can speed the process in finding a good fit for you.  I pass any pre-negotiated savings on to you directly while taking out the hassle of coordinating these services.


Transitions, later in life can be hectic.  For us, and for our families.  Let me do the work, so you can be there for your loved one.


Fill out the form to the right and I will bring the resources and information to you.  It is completely complimentary with no obligation to commit.  You don't even have to sell your house!

Free Personal Consultations
with Senior Specialist


This includes an initial consultation to determine your needs, housing options and time-line.  I provide ongoing ongoing support, oversee and coordinates moving details. My team's Transition Coordinator is a licensee of the Seniors Real Estate Institute. Additionally, our senior clients can count on direct access to some of our market's leading professionals who are often required to facilitate late-in-life moves.


Scheduling, transportation and personal tours of private residential properties and senior living communities


When you utilize our real estate services to sell your home, our Senior Housing Professional consults with you and helps determine all of the options available to meet your current needs and wants. We will schedule, provide transportation and assist with touring the various options. We also offer photos and video tours if personal tours are not possible. We can arrange video interviews in order for you to have reliable information about communities and housing options.


Move Preparations


Preparing to transition out of a home you have lived in for many years, sorting through their personal belongings is often a challenge. Our team provides guidance support and resources for you as you make decisions about what to take and what not to take.

Our team also assists with preparing the home for sale by making recommendations about upgrades that would increase the value and marketability of the home. Our team assists with locating and scheduling reputable vendors, acquisition and negotiation of bids, always providing guidance throughout the process.



Let me send this valuable FREE information directly to you!


Fill Out The Form Below:

Assistance with contract knowledge, understanding and negotiation


In the past, real estate transactions took place with a handshake or you sat down at a bank and signed one or two documents. This isn't so today. Contracts, disclosures, title insurance, home warranties, inspections, attorneys and appraisals all make for a sometimes cumbersome and complicated process. Our team provides detailed written information and explanations of how the process works, as well as personal guidance through every step of the transaction. It is of extreme importance to us that you make informed decisions and that you do not have to rely solely on trust to make decisions about your purchase or sale.


Referral network and concierge service


As our clients find themselves in need of professionals outside our scope of housing and real estate, such as tax ad-visors, attorneys, financial planners, interior decorators, landscape professionals, and pest control experts, they often turn to us for guidance. We maintain a database of local professionals that we have personally interviewed through our service provider application process. This process helps us to determine the appropriateness of our referrals and also ensures that those providers are reputable, reasonably priced and will stand by their product or service. Many also offer discounts to our preferred clients.


Follow up and life-long consultation services


Our relationship with you does not end at the closing table or the day of the move. It is our hope that you and your family will consider us your housing professionals for life. You can count on us to maintain regular contact with you after the sale or move, as we often have the pleasure of working with repeat customers and their personal referrals many years later.

Coordination of Services
and Closing Information


The real estate transaction alone often involves as many as 15 different entities, when you add transferring of utilities, change of address processes, communication with various service providers, the process can seem overwhelming. Our team handles the coordination of all the details, and even takes care of making sure utilities are transferred, service providers are notified and address changes are delivered.


Personal consultations and coordination with all parties


Some sales take only a couple of weeks from beginning to end, while others may take months. Regardless of the time involved in the marketing and sales process, we make it a point to stay in frequent contact with you and you can determine your preferred method of contact. Whatever you choose face-to-face, mail, email, phone or text, we make a weekly contact in order to keep everyone informed on the progress of the sale. This coordination can sometimes involve family members who live out of town.


Aging in Place...If You'd Rather Stay in Your Home


America's Finest Senior Transition Specialist will provide a free consultation and put you in touch with the professionals that can offer advice on exactly what alterations to your home are needed to enable you to continue living right where you are. We can bring in licensed and insured contractors to make those changes, ramps to handrails, grab bars, replacing tubs or showers and much more. Should you need assistance with everyday chores such as managing meds, bathing, dressing, cooking or even companionship we have the partners that can help provide assistance to support your desire for independent living.


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